Virtual Realty Space to Become a New Investment Destination

Commercial real estate sector has been growing with bamboozling speed from last 3-4 years. In this period, the realty investment trend has also evolved with investors turning from residential to commercial segment in order to receive higher returns.

One of the smartest investment options is to invest entire sum in chunks in several small budget projects for capital appreciation and for long time rental income. Virtual space investment has somewhat become a trend for the assured returns.

From the commercial sector perspective, virtual space investment allows anyone to invest into a portion of a big office space where the investor only be registered for the purchased space but doesn’t get physical ownership of it. However, the person will receive the required rental amount quickly or within months.

The biggest benefit is that the investor does not have to think about the maintenance and care of the space during or after the construction of the property. As the entire process including the transactions is online, it is hassle free service with an option to exiting any time.

“Considering such overseas transactions take place in a very systematic manner (everything is on paper) and have been delivering on the promised returns, which they can never expect in India, the salaried class is hugely attracted towards it. Also, it has increased the purchasing power of people,” says Debayan Bhattacharya, Associate Vice President, Square Yards (Hyderabad).


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