Chandigarh Realty to Taste the Digitisation with GIS Mapping

In order to make realty sector tech-equipped, Chandigarh administration has decided to adopt Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping of properties and infrastructure. The government of India has already approved the project and given a clear sign to support in the digitalisation of all records of property and other infrastructure.

GIS mapping will store all the information of buildings in residential, commercial, industrial, educational, health services, central government, state government, railway property, religious and recreational places. The system will also map public utilities like water treatment plants, water pumping stations, sewage treatment plant and solid waste management plant. It also records entire information of transportation node, communication infrastructure (WiFi hotspots, telephone exchange and cell towers), slums, vacant land, green areas, agricultural land, rural area and eco-sensitive zone. Moreover, the whole electricity network can be mapped in this system.

After the mapping, the GIS map will be shared among all the planning agencies in the city which will get help to better plan and upkeep infrastructure. The system will also have a complete detail of land ownership which will mitigate the chances of fraudulent, confirms Mukesh Anand, UT Chief Engineer.

The Chandigarh administration has planned to hire a firm through a tender which can conduct aerial and light detection and ranging (LIDAR) data survey for GIS.

Source: ET Realty


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