Nakheel Gives Dh4.2b Deira Mall Contract to Unec

Nakheel, a Dubai-based developer, awards a contract to United Engineering Construction (Unec) for an amount of Dh4.2 billion.

The deal is to develop 10.3 million sq. ft. mall at its Deira islands and complete it by 2020. The compaction work of 4 million sq. ft. of site is already started. Unec is expected to begin the construction from the third quarter of this year. Nakheel will be investing a total of Dh6.1 billion for the entire project.

The mall includes 4 million sq. ft. leasable space for retailers utilised in setting up over 1,000 shops, restaurants, café and entertainment outlets. These all shops will be under retractable room which will open in winter months. The entire project also contains the construction of 3.8 million sq. ft. car parking space with the capacity of around 8,400.

Deira Mall will exactly at a central eye of a Dh5 billion worth residential community Deira Boulevard. The community is planned to have sixteen 21-storey towers and townhouses with almost 3,000 homes. Both, the community and the mall, are scheduled to be completed by 2020. Nakheel has decided to open a contract worth at least Dh10 billion of Deira Boulevard in December.

Source: TheNational


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