World’s First Rotating Skyscraper Planned to be Built in Dubai

When it comes to innovation and going beyond architectural heights in property development, Dubai can be marked as the pioneer. The city may soon be witnessing the world’s first rotating skyscraper, claimed by an Israeli-Italian architect – David Fisher.

Dynamic Tower, a rotating skyscraper, is ready to be reinitiated after put down on hold back in 2008. Here, the resident can relish a fresh panorama in a day without changing their home. The building is developed in four dimensions with continuous change of shapes. It rotates on its own axis with the voice-enabled speed control facility without making a single sound.

Each apartment will have its own speed and will be able to rotate full 360 degrees independently. A stationary core will be connected with a centrepiece of these apartments that incorporates the elevator.

Boasting its construction creativity, the tower will have many wind turbines placed between the floor of each storey generating current which will be used to supply electricity in the entire building. The apartment’s cost is quoted to be $30 million which is lesser considering that the residents won’t have to pay for electricity.

“It is a green power station. It will power the entire building,” says Mr Fisher.

In this tower, every single unit will be built offsite including plumbing and electrical connections before being attached to the central stationary core. Which is why Dynamic Tower is also called the world’s first prefabricated skyscraper. For the water source, the water pipe inside the rotating apartment will be connected to a pipe at the central core through a detached valve.

The start date of the project and its location are not yet given.

Source: TheNational


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