Dubai Land Department to Release Property Lease Form

All residential and commercial tenants and landlords in Dubai will have to fill a new unified lease form, released by Dubai Land Department (DLD), to complete new property lease process.

The new lease form is to resolve contradiction with the new Dubai law which is occurred in using various tenancy contract forms comprising terms and conditions. It is designed to regulate the relationships of all parties involved in transactions and to define as well as guarantee the rights of all involved parties.

The standard form states terms and conditions to ensure that the tenants are using the premise for its designated purpose. The form also has conditions for the payment of electricity and water bills on a mutual agreement, for setting rules to utilise the common parts of the building and for settling disputes at the DLD Rent Committee.

This new unified lease form adds Dubai law 25 of 2008 which defines the circumstances by which tenants can be thrown out incorporating illegally subletting the property or using it carry out illegal activities. Furthermore, law 26 of 2007 is included where the landlords have to take responsibility for maintaining the property unless there is an agreement between landlord and tenant to say otherwise.

The copies of this new standard lease can be downloaded from DLD’s ejari website The form will be available from next month i.e. March 2017.

“The applied unified lease form primarily depends on the legal system, and having unified contracts between the parties guarantees the rights of all stakeholders involved,” says Hamdan Al Madhani, Director, Rental Relations Regulatory Department.

Source: TheNational


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