Karnataka to Adopt Gujarat Model to Ease Land Acquisition

Karnataka is going to considering adopting the Gujarat town-planning model to ease land acquisition process. In this model, the lands which belong to different owners are pooled together to build a township or layout by the local development authority and later, the sites can be redistributed among the owners. This way the land owners won’t be forced to sell their land to the government at a disgraceful price.

The process will be more transparent to ensure enabling freedom in design and control on overall development, according to the statement given by Mahendra Jain, additional Chief Secretary, Urban Development Department (UDD).

However, land pooling idea is already in a provision of the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act 1963 but it was ignored since then. Before this, Gujarat town-planning model was adopted by Andhra Pradesh government but failed in utilizing it efficiently due to a slight modification wherein the land owners are partially compensated monetarily and remaining amount was remunerated in development sites.

“Based on an agreed distribution ratio, a portion of the land will be handed over to the farmers, while the revenue from the pooled land will then be divided among the farmers equitably,” says V Ponnuraj, Secretary, UDD.

“Local authority is going retain 10 per cent of the developed land for revenue generation.” He added.

Source: ET Realty


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