Dubai’s Residents Want Instant Access to Their Shopping

Dubai’s residents want to do their shopping — or even the dining out — closer to home. And they are willing to patronise “hidden gems” at their doorstep if they can cut out the travelling.

According to the results of a survey for Dubai Properties, 82 per cent would like to buy from home-grown shops and restaurants more often, and 81 per cent preferred a location closer to home for dining out and daily shopping.

“The latest consumer shopping and dining habits suggest that malls, once the hub of commercial life in the UAE, are quickly losing their edge in favour of “hidden gems” conveniently located closer to home within a residential community or mixed-use commercial area,” said Juma Bin Darwish, Executive Director Retail and Hotel Asset Management at Dubai Properties.

Not just that, 67 per cent prefer to support homegrown businesses over big brands and 56 per cent are more likely to seek out home-grown stores offering something different.Source: Bloomberg Businessweek.

Source: Gulf News Archives


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